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Arcem Alva| Hani

2017.04.13 edit| Updated app art and info! 


Name: Jae Han (Hani) Ahn
Age: 19
Birthday: (June 21st) Saturday, Day 21 of the Month of Flowers, Year of Beginnings (8273) (Brenthos the Albatross) 
Song-Lu Zodiac: Day 17 of the Month of the Snake, Year of the Lambent Gold Silkworm 
True animal: Fox | Secret animal: owl
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Race: Human
Class: FighterArrow left WarriorArrow left ??????
Occupation: Farmhand/ errand runner
Status: Single, can mingle but probably bad at it tbh
City: Cantor
Allegiance: Miras

 Accepting| Adventurous| Energetic| Loyal| Optimistic| Passionate

- Arrogant| Blunt| Frivolous| Impulsive| Prideful| Spontaneous| Strong-willed

TL;DR he's a  big guard dog

Ever since he was young Hani always believed he had the freedom to do absolutely anything. He could take off whenever he wanted without a word and come back whenever he wanted. Due to his size, he feels himself unbeatable, at the top of the world. However, he always has his brother to bring him back down a few feet. Hani highly respects authoritative figures, if he finds them worthy, but always knows his place among older adults. His mass amounts of energy allow him to be incredibly talkative and athletic. Wondering around for hours and meeting new people along the way are an easy feat for him. However because of this he is also unaware of others' physical limits.

As a friend, brother, and son he is highly focused on protecting those he cares for. To him, that means becoming the strongest. As a result, he often picked fights when he was younger. He is highly protective of those smaller than him and can often be rude to strangers that approach his small people at first, but very hospitable once he knows the other is not a threat. 


The only notable time Hani was smaller than Nika was when he was three and younger. After that it seemed he had decided to become one with the trees and quickly outgrow everything from clothes to his older brother. Hani was always the free-spirited type and went off to play while his brother stayed behind to do work and care for his mum. He wandered off often for long periods of time, usually ending up causing trouble unintentionally. He remembers having a grandmother, but there are no memories of her. At around age six Hani decided to follow along his brother’s rhythm and helped out the Porte family that had helped his family settle into Cantor before he was even born. Because he was bigger than other kids his age, he was put to do the same work Nika would do on the farms but eventually ended becoming a permanent farmhand and errand boy even after Nika had moved onto the floral shop. Seeing potential in his build and athletic capacities, the head of the Porte family, Jean, had decided to teach Hani the basics of gun use and hand-to-hand combat. Treating him like one of his own sons, Hani is quickly expanding his skills as a fighter.
Hani often hunts game when he’s not helping out on other’s farms or running errands for other families along with his life friend, Asha. Since Nika is home less often, he tries to show up at home more often to help his mom out the best he can before heading off somewhere else again. At the end of the day he never forgets to show up at the flower shop Nika works at to walk him back home. When he has free time, he often fools around in the forest with Asha or other village boys when he's not training.
Their routine was later influenced by the arrival of Yeul who had wandered and gotten lost in Cantor. Hani had found her, clearly identifying as a stranger to their town. Letting down his guard as soon he knew she was a simple girl, he and Nika opened their doors for her. 

Current: Holy War: After having some fun with friends at the food drives and showing off his strength, it was too good to last. The arrival of war at their front step had Hani leaping into action, even if things were yet still. He knew it wouldn't be long until actual aggression started, warning his family that they should stay n guard. Knowing he must protect their home he tried to rouse his brother and go find others to get together. However, Nika refused, using their mother's condition as a reason to stay put. Their opposing views about what could eventually happen on their grounds led them to fight, eventually pushing Hani to leave the home. He finds Ryanna not too long after and joins her i the effort to aid Cantor.


Jia Yin Ahn (deceased)- A grandmother whom he can barely remember

Leila Porte (Lei Ahn)- mother who is often ill. She babies Hani a lot and is the source of all his confidence. She pampers him as much as she can until Nika comes and puts her into bed to rest. Although Nika never says so, Hani understands that he’d rather have her sit still and take her remedies rather than be up, praising her cute younger son. Hani, not knowing much about nursing, still tries his best to help out when Nika isn’t around.

Nika- Hani’s cute older brother and probably one of the only people he willingly listens to. While not openly affectionate, Hani is constantly worried over his brother who is often too timid and all around a small existence. He’s constantly cautious over who gets close to his brother and ends up being protective over him. He is willing to fite anyone for him.

Mango - Nika's pet finch. Hani and Mango don't interact much.

Lao Feng- the dude who is responsible for Hani’s existence (father).

Jean Porte- Part of the Porte family that helps them out, he visits every so often to make sure everything is fine, He and his wife oversee both brothers from afar, but he pays special attention to Hani who has a lot energy to spare.

Piotr: A training friend and hunting buddy, they're comrades more than anything. Back when Hani started fights these two fought together. He sometimes tries to get Hani into street fights again.

Rain- a friend who worked as a chocolatier in the shop next to Nika’s workplace. He respected Rain greatly and listened whenever he called. Nonetheless he still took caution when he was around Nika, since, afterall, that was his beloved brother. However after the mass incarceration of many dark and wood elves in Cantor, Rain has since been gone without a word.

Asha- Hani’s forever adventure partner. Lowkey he thinks of her as a duckling that follows him around. More often than not, however, she ends up getting hurt along with him as they journey off. Despite this, he cares for her just as much as he cares for Nika.

Ryanna- friend he spontaneously made while he wandered off. She’s bright and playful, exactly what he wants in a play mate.

Ben-Luke- Brother to Ryanna and also a friend whom he hasn’t seen in a quite some time.

Daeris- teacher to his brother in Valevo. He challenged her once and actually won to his own delight. 

Tyren Aellasel- A friend to his brother, Nika. Hani is wary of him and his potential advances toward his brother.

Seth Karlsson- a fellow errand boy he became aquantances with while he worked on Ryanna's farm

Honey, Milk, and Tea - Kittens that Nika and Hani brought into their household thanks to Ryanna's resident barn cat. They were gifts to their mother more than anything. Hani is afraid of them

Yeul Cho'San - Newest addition to the Ahn family, she spends her days with his ma or with Hani when she can

Additional info:

-often mistaken as the older brother
--completely amused by this fact

-when he was younger he’d pick fights with anything and anyone
--he doesn’t pick fights anymore but he’d never run from a fight if prompted

-protective of his older brother and Asha

-admires his own physique greatly

-has beauty marks on the opposite sides that Nika does

-is fearful of extremely small animals (because he feels he’ll crush them)

-his hair is long in the front as shown in the app and shirt in the back, uneven (he cuts his own hair)

RP Preference: currently prefer Discord mostly to just HC

AA| Holy War
aka sasuke leaving the village

didn't make it in time for the collab :') sorry Nal, so I'm submitting separately 
anyway this is my piece for the event since I'm still not late for that.

This scene is pretty much my Cantor brothers after they've had their fight and go their own ways. Hani eventually finds his Cantor squad after this and aids in the effort to protect Cantor. 


points to Nika please!


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