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I think i get a little better each time. Only a little


I'm envious of those who can draw better than me...I might have to kill you....e-e //stares at you


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If I am a potato then my art will be the flowers that bloom from them.

//builds a shrine for Cass [AA] Cassair Defense Squad Badge by dualscepters
my idol. I need one for Tor'ang pls

Hey guys,
sorry if you came across this profile
I don't update very often (sorry)
and if you see my yaois and didn't want to, sorry again.
I have several different styles and I haven't perfected any of them lol
If you decide to stick around that's super rad! You can call me Ko or Makoto or if you have a name for me already that's cool too.

if you want a good laugh look at my pre2013 art it's was worse than whatever I do now ahA

honestly tho if you want free art just be my friend lol

side note: there are times when i am bored and ask for a request but idk how patient you are to stick around for that ;u;

other side note: I am more than okay to do art trades/collabs with you as long as I know you and we are on friendly terms!

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Arcem Alva| Sava

"Ah...allow me to play you a song"


Name: Sava Alegrías
Age: 28

Alva Standard Calendar: Friday, Day 28 of the Month of Gifts, Year of Coins (8262). Lucernae the Lantern Bearer (November 28th)

Song-Lu Calendar: Day 29 of the Month of the Silkworm, Year of the Incandescent Gold Cat; True Animal: Crane; Secret Animal: Cat
Sex: Male
Height: 5’10”
Race: Mostly human (mother is a half light elf)

Class: Healer, Bard, Troubadour
Occupation: Merchant, Performer, SS Pristis Healer
City: Amedra
Allegiance: Kingdom (neutral)


+  Adaptable| Calm| Cautious| Confident| Hard-working| Observant| Optimistic|

-   Anxious (rare)| Idealistic| Prideful| Selfish| Superficial| Silver-tongued| Two-Faced|

When at work, Sava performs confidently, loving when people pay attention to him, and even more pleased when they lower their guard where he would then work his magic. He tends to show a charismatic side to himself when working and perhaps a coquettish one as well.

On the other hand, he changes moods as soon as he’s no longer on the job.  Never wanting any trouble, he’ll keep a calm head and act the way one would want him to when around those with power. In order to do that he keeps a cat’s eye out to absorb body language and pries further when it’s safe (asks a lot of questions). He’s cautious, not only with his finances, but also  in the people he chooses let in his friend circle, but is never afraid to put on a different face to stay on everyone’s good side. In fact, usually wears a face of cheer, optimism, and understanding.

When with close friends, he let’s loose of his fears of judgement and speaks his mind, usually ending up with complaints about his family or people he’s met, but also speaks enthusiastically of his dreams. It’s then where one might see a bit of his childish side. There are also times where he reveals a more fragile side of himself, usually when drunk or exhausted, to close friends by treating them as a confessional in order to validate his superficial actions toward others for his own benefit.

However in trying to please everyone and being the absolute best on the job, he finds it difficult managing his energies involving his work, his practice, and social conquests, therefore constantly tiring himself out (takes naps where he falls dead) before the day even comes to an end. He’s at his most honest and vulnerable then, so he tends to hide before he collapses. It’s a price he’s willing to pay in order to feel like he’s in control. If he were ever to get on someone’s bad side, he becomes anxious and desperate to fix his relationship with them.


Born to a human father and a half-elf mother, Sava’s parents chose Amedra to start a family where his mother thought her family (which consisted of just light elves as the human parent was no longer around) would not know. Her family was known to see humans as inferior and would likely oppose to their union. Now how was Sava's mother conceived? Even Sava's mother never knew. In any case the couple tried their best to raise a child and a newly born Sava as quietly as they could,  but it wasn’t long until her family found out.

While his childhood memories are now faint, he clearly remembers the day his own mother attempted to give him away to her relatives in an act of wanting forgiveness from her high esteemed family. He never blamed her for that as he knew how cruel that family and their morals could be. However that never changed how happy he was to see his father march up the steps of the light elf home in Miras to claim him back. Even so, he knew his father didn’t have all the power as both families came to an agreement to have Sava travel back and forth between both cities every so often. Sava's mother was promised forgiveness if their child, whom was either lucky or unlucky for having been born with light elf features, minus the ears, complied to her family's demands. In his Miras home, he received high-end education and later healing masters when his healing prowess was discovered all while being treated like a disgrace. His grandmother thought she could attempt to cleanse their family name by bringing their culture to the child, but ill feelings still remained. Back in his Amedra home, he would often see his parents together, yet separated in mind. He knew his mother was far gone, and the words he was told by his grandmother as a child, “I’ll help her get better if you listen well”, were all lies. Sava pitied his mother, who had already paid a price for wanting a family, but was also paying another as she let her guilt of giving her only child away consume her. Sava also pitied his dad, who stuck around for the sake of his children and whatever was left of his wife. He made sure to give them a smiling face whenever he returned home.

By Sava’s mid to late teens, he had grown weary of the standards of his mother’s relatives knowing that he would never meet them. As a result, the boy began to act out. He started out by playing tricks with the house maids and sabotaging dinner when he felt bold enough. Whenever he could, he’d skip a lesson and go out to wander the streets where he would discover a group of other young kids like himself plotting and stealing from strangers. Intrigued, he soon approached them and boasted about his own skills rather than reporting and turning them in. It wasn’t long until he started helping them out, by being a distraction for victims as the rest of the group worked their own magic. While he never truly felt like a part of the group despite following them around and letting them introduce him to alcohol, he did indeed discover his love for performing as well as a liking to the high he got from an adrenaline rush.  

Those acts continued until one of his mother’s relatives saw him out and about. Furious with the display he put on, they dragged Sava back to their home where he would finally determine that he's had enough mistreatment from them. A heated argument commenced and it was one Sava would lose, ending him with a scar on his cheek and trip back to Amedra. For a while he thought about what he would do next, what he would tell his own family. However, after deciding he’s had enough of his current life, he cut his hair, packed his bags, and left a note on the dining table for his father. Before finding Rayne, the captain of the SS Pristis, he learned the harsh ways of the street and earned a living through "borrowing" and performing. 

Present: Having found a love for the outside world and his music, he now sails with the SS Pristis crew and is their main healer. He hopes to climb out of the mold he was forced into by relatives and live the way he would want to. 

Additional Info:

Note: his current app art resembles what he would look like when performing. Sava wears simpler clothing usually.

-dyes and cuts his hair in an act of defiance towards his relatives by steering away from the light elf aesthetic, and because it helps him stand out in a crowd when he performs

-Often experiments with the moods he can manipulate with his music

-Takes interest in mage magic, but studies very little of it as he wants to perfect his Troubadour skills first

- is always cold somehow


-likes high wasted pants

-paints a green heart on his cheek when he performs to cover up the scar he has

-also tries to use make-up to cover up his raccoon eyes

-has a half brother he barely remembers much about, but he left to the military when old enough

-can learn to play most instruments if he already doesn't know how to play it

-has heard rumors that his light elf great-Aunt and Uncle living in Delverne had a kid they abandoned in Song-Lu after deeming him impure. (had him out of wedlock and was "tainted" by wood elves so they had "no choice" but pretend he didn't exist)
---wants to confirm that one day 

Sorry to everyone for being so dead. I feel like I'm losing myself tbh...

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